It is very well-known that driving while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous, unsafe, and downright illegal, as alcohol diminishes a person’s critical driving abilities needed to operate a vehicle safely. In today’s society, where ridesharing services and other safe alternatives to drunk driving exists, there is no excuse for this reckless behavior as it is entirely avoidable. The consequences of drunk driving accidents are often tragic, and victims fortunate enough to walk away are burdened with devastating losses that negatively impact their life. Unfortunately, with the Fourth of July approaching, drivers must take extra precautions when on the road as there is an increased chance of being injured in a drunk driving accident. This is because Fourth of July celebrations typically involve people drinking with friends and family. If you are injured in an auto accident because of a drunk driver, contact an experienced Birmingham Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer who can help you hold responsible parties accountable for their negligence. Please continue reading to learn why driving on the Fourth of July is more dangerous than on any other day of the year. 

Why is the Fourth of July one of the deadliest holidays for car accidents?

The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, is one of the deadliest holidays for car accidents for two reasons. According to research, families are estimated to drive at least 50 miles to attend Fourth of July celebrations. This means that during this holiday, more drivers will be on the road than usual, which increases the chances of drivers being involved in a collision. This is because motorists will likely become impatient and drive more aggressively due to traffic. Moreover, on the Fourth of July, more alcohol is sold than on any other day of the year. As a result, many individuals enjoy having a few drinks with their friends during festivities. However, they neglect to realize that even after they stop drinking alcohol will affect their cognition, motor skills, judgment, coordination, vision, and other critical abilities needed to operate a vehicle for several hours safely. That said, they get behind the wheel believing they are fine when they are still impaired. Therefore, there is an increased chance of being involved in a drunk driving accident on the Fourth of July.

What should I do if a drunk driver hits me?

Following a collision, there are several steps you should take to maximize your chances of recovering monetary compensation for your damages. If you suspect the other driver was operating their vehicle while intoxicated, you must call the police immediately. As mentioned above, driving while under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime as it risks public safety. Therefore, you must report the accident and request emergency medical services. Seeking immediate medical attention is a vital step as it will ensure your injuries are treated properly and provide you with documentation verifying the extent and severity of your injuries. Once the police arrive at the accident scene, they can conduct a field sobriety test and administer a breathalyzer test. A breathalyzer test will determine the driver’s blood alcohol concentration, revealing whether the driver was operating their vehicle while under the influence. The steps law enforcement officers take can significantly benefit your case as they can help you prove the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries as they violated the law.

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