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Birmingham Uber Accident Lawyer

Over the past few years, ridesharing has become increasingly popular. Two of the biggest ridesharing companies in the United States are Uber and Lyft. Many people do not have cars themselves and therefore rely on these companies to get them to where they need to be. Generally, passengers trust their Uber and Lyft drivers to provide them with a safe trip. However, accidents can happen that cause significant injuries to passengers. When this happens, it is important to consider your legal options. If you were involved in a ridesharing accident, contact an Uber accident lawyer from our firm today to discuss your case.

Uber Accident Lawyer | Here for Injured Rideshare Victims

If you were injured in an Uber or Lyft accident, it is paramount that you hire a knowledgeable attorney who can effectively fight for the compensation you need. Fortunately, you are in the right place, and our Jefferson County personal injury lawyers stand ready to fight for the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled.

Types of Rideshare Accidents

There are various types of Uber and Lyft accidents. Oftentimes, in a ridesharing accident, passengers are injured due to driver negligence. Additionally, sometimes pedestrians or other vehicles are also involved in ridesharing accidents. If you were injured in a ridesharing accident, you must determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation.

Liability After an Accident

After being involved in an accident, the injured party often seeks to hold the negligent party responsible. When dealing with rideshare accidents, it can be difficult to determine liability. This is because rideshare drivers are technically not considered employees of the companies, but independent contractors. If the rideshare driver was on the clock at the time, the company’s insurer may be required to cover the damages. If the driver was off the clock when the accident happened, the driver’s personal automobile insurance should pay the damages.

Both Uber and Lyft provide liability coverage for the drivers they employ, but the exact period in which an accident occurs is crucial to determining fault and liability. You need a seasoned Uber accident lawyer who understands Uber and Lyft’s liability coverage systems and can effectively assign liability in your case and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Recovering Compensation

As long as we can prove you’ve been injured due to another party’s negligence, you should receive compensation to help you deal with the economic and non-economic damages you’ve incurred as a result of your accident. Examples of economic and non-economic damages can include, but are not limited to:

  • The cost of medical care
  • The cost of lost past and future wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Contact an Alabama Uber Accident Lawyer

Our firm is proud to represent clients who were injured in an Uber or Lyft accident. Our firm understands the impacts of these accidents and is eager to help you receive the compensation you deserve. If you were involved in a rideshare accident, contact Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC today for help.

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