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Birmingham Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You were recently injured on the job and currently find yourself unable to return to work. Now, you’re facing medical bills and physical pain, and, for the time being, you can’t work for a paycheck to help cover the cost of the injuries you’ve sustained. Fortunately, you do have options. Contact a seasoned Jefferson County workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm today to learn more about workers’ compensation insurance and how our legal team can help you get the benefits you need.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer | Here for Clients Who’ve Been Injured On the Job

No one should have to fight the uphill battle for the resources they need after a work-related injury or illness. Our firm has decades of experience representing those who’ve been injured on the job here in Alabama, and we are here to put that experience to work for you in your case. Reach out to our Jefferson County personal injury lawyers today so we can get started fighting for the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled.

Who is Covered Under Workers’ Compensation in Alabama?

In the state of Alabama, any business with five or more employees is required to provide its employees with workers’ compensation benefits, should they sustain an injury on the job. This includes all full and part-time employees. The only parties who may be exempt from receiving workers’ compensation benefits are domestic servants, casual employees, farm laborers, operators of common carriers engaged in interstate commerce and U.S. and State government employees.

What is Covered Under Workers’ Compensation in Alabama?

Workers’ compensation benefits are made to cover the cost of medical bills for those who’ve been injured on the job or who’ve developed work-related illnesses. Workers’ compensation should also cover 66 ⅔ percent of their average weekly wage. In some cases, depending on the circumstances of a given injury, workers’ compensation may also cover ongoing care, funeral costs, or disability benefits.

What Should I Do After a Workplace Accident?

If you’re injured on the job, the most important thing you can do (aside from calling 911 for immediate medical assistance) is to notify your employer. In fact, to file a workers’ compensation claim, employees are required to notify their employer within five days of the injury. That said, ideally, you should notify your employer either on the day of your injury or the day after.

Once you receive medical care on the day of your injury, you should keep copies of all medical documentation/bills pertaining to your injury. If possible, you should try and take photos or videos of the cause of your injury, ask witnesses for their contact information, and do whatever you can to otherwise document the injury. Finally, you should reach out to a competent workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you file your claim.

How Do I File for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Alabama?

When an employee informs their employer of their injury, the employer and their insurer will investigate the injury and determine whether the employee qualifies for workers’ compensation. You should retain a competent attorney at this point who can help you navigate the process and ensure you follow the right course of action to receive the benefits you need. Our firm can help organize and submit documentation, ensure you deal with designated healthcare providers appropriately, and overall work to make the process move along as smoothly as possible.

How Long Do I Have to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Alabama?

Though you only have five days from the date of your injury to notify your employer, you are granted two years from the date of your injury to file a workers’ compensation claim. That said, you should always file your claim as soon as possible. Waiting two years will only make it more challenging to recover the compensation you need. A workers’ compensation lawyer from Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC can help you file your claim today.

Appealing Workers’ Comp Denials

Sometimes, workers’ compensation claims are denied. Fortunately, however, this isn’t the end of the road, especially if you have a skilled attorney in your corner. If your claim is denied, our firm can either file a lawsuit with the Alabama district court or work to resolve the dispute with the assistance of the Ombudsman. At this point, we will present evidence to bolster your claim and prove that you truly qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. As long as we can successfully prove your case, you should receive the benefits you need.

Whether you’re filing a workers’ compensation claim for the first time, or you’re about to dispute a denial of workers’ compensation benefits, it is imperative that you have a dedicated legal team in your corner who can advocate for your best interests, every step of the way. Fortunately, you’ve just found that team right here in Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC.

Contact Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC Today

The bottom line is that if you’ve been injured on the job or have developed a work-related illness, our legal team is here to help you fight for the financial compensation you need to get your life back on track again. Contact Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC today to schedule your initial consultation with our dedicated workers’ compensation law firm.

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